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Main Features

City Shops

Chat & Order on your smart phone with your nearby and trusted shops.  Pay direct in Chat.  Receive goods at Door.

Last Minute Flights

Discover , Chat and Book local flights from your smartphone. Find available seats at the last minute on flights to your destination.

Room by Hour

You are looking for a room for a very short stay to relax or work , why pay for the whole day: discover our selection of rooms by the hour in your city

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Find & Chat directly with your most trusted  brand and get a verified merchant location list . Chat customer Care  2.0 on the platform. BuyChat  users  get to identify and buy from brand’s nearest verified merchant  via chat and in-store.


Follow & Watch exclusive short videos of your favorite Celebrities. Get a chance to ask  your  favourite  celebrity  a question in chat. Chat directly with him/her. Buy tickets of their shows  and brand experiences.

The “WhatsApp” for retailers in African informal markets and city shops